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When can I retire, at what age and with how much?

Are my pension statements correct? How to correct them?

What will be my remainder to live? Is it in my interest to save, to buy back quarters?

Can I work in retirement? How to prepare for my life transition?


Retirement is anticipated from the start of a career,

it is important to think about a strategy for preparing for retirement.

How? 'Or' What ? :

  • By defining your departure date objectives in advance (depending on your personal or family situation), assessing your need in terms of income and remaining living (resources - expenses), life plan, etc.

  • To analyze your current situation , are your career records fair should I correct them and how? What about my periods of unemployment, maternity, illness, National Service, my various schemes, my work abroad?

  • To be oriented towards optimization solutions: individual savings, investments, quarterly redemptions, social protection, while benefiting from tax and social deductibility.

  • To have a tool for managing the end of your career with solutions adapted to your objectives and your situation, knowing the mechanisms (voluntary departure, long career, gradual retirement, increase, pension accumulation, ...)

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MaStrategieRetraite helps you in your decision-making as early as possible by offering you personalized support: training, advice and coaching, 3 retirement assessment formulas including an Optimum audit, analyzes (asset assessment), corrections, and until the pension is liquidated.

Our added value:

Our team of Pension, HR, Social Protection, and Coachinq Experts supports you with tailor-made solutions, scalable and adapted to your needs . Our independence from financial institutions or organizations guarantees our impartiality and neutrality. Our expertise in senior issues positions us as an efficient partner, recognized since 2011 by employees.

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Specialized in the support and training of employees, we work mainly in the following frameworks:

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